We work with all types of stormwater infrastructure including natural streams, manmade drainage systems, high-hazard dams, large traditional facilities, underground structures, and contemporary micro-scale and vegetative-based techniques.

Six Acres performs maintenance, repair, and construction of all types of manmade stormwater and natural stream and wetland systems whilst serving as a design and consulting firm.  We lead in the practice of engineering, maintaining, repairing, restoring, and retrofitting existing infrastructure.


Our in-house expertise begins with seasoned design knowledge and extends to construction, inspection, maintenance, and life cycle repairs.  This diversification of services gives our clients unusual expertise and extraordinary value.  Very few firms have the technical knowledge and experience in design, construction, and maintenance with in-house resources.


We provide full technical support from design right through to installation and commissioning – from product and system selection, design calculations and CAD drawings we aim to provide clients with all the relevant technical information. Depending on the nature of the scheme we are also able to provide a fully warranted installation service for the systems we provide.

Storm-water Solutions 

Storm Water Management



  • Solution Design

  • Silt traps & Control Valves

  • Siphonic roof drainage

  • Aqua Infiltration Units

Feature Product


Designed for attenuation and infiltration installations subject to heavy traffic and high groundwater levels. 160 mm access channels allow easy access for inspection cameras. Made from virgin polypropylene, AquaCell will deliver high performance and low maintenance..